About Dr. Lange

With a background in clinical sleep medicine practice for 20 years, combined with clinical and research experience using CPC, Dr. Lange is uniquely positioned to consult on sleep health and wellness and the pursuit of better sleep. Most of his working life has been spent in Denver, Colorado, and, relevant to the beautiful geography, he has a strong interest in sleep at altitude (and hiking, biking, skiing). Dr. Lange and his family reside in Colorado.

Presently, Dr. Lange consults for international employers, however he is pleased to offer his services as a consultant to a limited number of individuals, seeking answers to sleep questions or issues, typically un- or poorly addressed by the healthcare journey today. Born and educated in South Africa, trained in St Louis and experienced in Denver, Dr. Lange loves travelling. Allow him to accompany you on your pursuit of sleep quality and quality sleep.

Dr. Lange is passionate about sleep. Together, we must believe that sleep is good and, therefore, that good sleep is better.