Different service level options are listed below. Please circle the option desired and sign attestation below.

Option 1:

Review of CPC data and report, with written interpretation done on the SleepImage platform. This is for referring healthcare practitioners and cost is $ 45 / study night. Please contact me via the contact form to set up a billing account, we will not bill the patient or client directly.

Option 2:

Receive a shipped recorder and supplies, capture 2-3 nights of EKG data, and return 2- page questionnaire with the device for upload, direct data review. This includes 2 -3 SleepImage CPC studies and a 30 minute phone or video discussion based on CPC results and sleep complaints (Includes 1 page typed summary). – $ 450.

Option 3:

Followup SleepImage CPC study, interpretation and review of the results in telephone or video consultation (15 minutes) – $250.

Payment by personal check payable to Neale R Lange.

Please contact me to use a major credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or Bank Debit Cards using Venmo.

If none of these Options meet your needs, please contact me.

Please click here to download a form to print and bring to your first appointment.